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PS3 - it only does marketing
Posted on November 7, 2009 by Nick

 A naked, plastic baby doll sits alone in an uninviting, barren white room.  It's lifeless eyes flutter open as it's mouth opens mechanically, emitting a chilling, robotic coo.  The baby raises its arm, beckoning.  Suddenly, it's face is wrenched into sadness, happy coos turn into desperate wails.  A glimmer of life flashes into its eyes, as tears well up and trickle down it's cold, plastic face.  The baby's face transmogrifies, as it starts to cackle manically. 

 Sounds like it could be the intro to some sort of horror flick, and in a lot of very ironic ways, it was.  That was the advertisement Sony chose to launch the PS3 in 2006, spending $150 million on the campaign.  The disturbing baby ad was only the start of the PS3's marketing mishaps and over then next 2 years, in which Sony would fail time and time again to create any sort of buzz on their upcoming releases or any positive brand recognition.  Fast forward to about 3 months ago - Sony began rebranding the PS3, introducing the new 120GB SKU, accompanied by new box art and a completely new logo.  The launch of the born again PS3 has been largely successful so far, and that's largely due to Sony's new, aggressive and proactive stance on their marketing strategies.

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