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Review - Bioshock 2

PCN Review: Bioshock 2
Posted on February 23, 2010 by Shak

Bioshock 2 is set in the underwater city, Rapture, just like the first game. Bioshock 1 was a breath of fresh air when it was released, because it had a new, entertaining style of gameplay, which went beyond the classic first-person shooter. On top of this, Bioshock’s story was possibly one of the best, and most unique game stories, so does Bioshock 2 have that same effect?

The story picks up 10 years after Bioshock 1, with a new main character, in the form of your enemies from the first game, a Big Daddy. You are looking for a specific Little Sister, Eleanor, but are being thwarted at every turn by her mother, Sofia Lamb. In the first game, you’d have to kill the Big Daddies and choose whether to harvest the Little Sisters for Adam (to upgrade yourself), or to save them. These karmic choices had an effect on the ending of the game, and Bioshock 2 is no different. This time however once you have killed a Big Daddy, you will adopt their Little Sister, who will lead you to 2 deposits of Adam. When you set her down to harvest the Adam, get ready to have the fire fight of your life, because the place will be swarming with Splicers (the enemies in Bioshock) within seconds. You now have to protect your Little Sister until the process is complete, and repeat it for a second time. Once you’ve done that, you have the choice of harvesting or saving the Little Sisters.

The Big Daddy battles are very difficult, but luckily they won’t attack you until you attack them, so you can save before the battle easily. The Big Daddies are usually very slow, and are only really a threat when they charge at you in a straight line. However, even more challenging than this battle are the Big Sister battles that occur throughout your journey through Rapture. Unlike the Big Daddies, the Big Sister is much faster and agile, being able to jump out of the way of your attacks.

Just like the first game you can use weapons and plasmids to fight your way through the creepy setting of Rapture. The gameplay will feel extremely similar to those who played the first game, as each area has specific tasks to complete, until you are allowed to go to the next area. As you progress through the game, you’ll start to see some changes that have been made, which surprisingly make the game even better to play.

Unlike the first game, you don’t have to constantly switch between plasmids and weapons, and are automatically “dual-wielding,” with a plasmid in the left hand and a weapon in the right hand. This dual-wielding mechanic is simple, press L2 to fire your plasmid, and R2 to fire your weapon. You can switch weapons by holding R1 and selecting a different weapon (or tool), and you can switch plasmids by holding L1.

Weapon and plasmid upgrades are now much more significant, giving you a few upgrade paths, and allowing you to get a little bonus after two upgrades on the same path. With weapons you can usually upgrade the power, and the amount of ammo each weapon can hold. With plasmids you usually affect the way the power works, and in the end give that plasmid an extra ability. The pipe hacking mini-game has also been replaced with a simpler game, which occurs in real-time. This means that it doesn’t pause the game when you are hacking turrets, security cameras, or vending machines.

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Bioshock 2

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