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Review - Medal of Honor

PCN Review: Medal of Honor a Breath of Fresh Air
Posted on October 17, 2010 by Dustin S.

Medal of Honor is a solid attempt at being a Call of Duty killer. However, much like the first Modern Warfare, it’s a lot of bright ideas on a large scale that never really come together. At first glance Medal of Honor is a solid shooter that will impress FPS fans, but will leave you wondering how great a second title in the franchise will be.

One minute it’s one of the best shooters you ever played, the next minute you are frustrated and debating putting Call of Duty back in your console. The game steals a lot of ideas from it’s rivaling, Call of Duty, but manages to keep the authenticity and unique features of the Medal of Honor franchise. Medal of Honor breaks down into a stellar single player campaign and a sub-par, at best, online portion. And you’ll understand why in a few minutes.

The single player is very boring and generic in the first few levels as enemy AI doesn’t seem to do much. There aren’t really any rag-doll physics, which you might have seen in an older Medal of Honor title. However, the later levels do an amazing job of covering this up completely, by making you not focus on the enemy, and more on the objective. You will be sneaking around, blowing stuff up, or just outright exploring. There are also moments where you are tossed on to a mountain side and you must find snipers hiding in the bushes. The gameplay gets even better when you get to fly helicopters, giving you the ability to totally destroy little town areas.

The story has always been my absolute favorite aspect of any Medal of Honor game. This title is no different, as you can tell the team truly devotes itself to the troops serving across seas. The story takes place in a bit of a bland idea; basically the military sends in some guys, loses control, and makes wrong decisions that cause more issues. The soldiers are then left fighting their way out. However, the way this story is told is remarkable, and truly shows you how soldiers rely on one another in war. While EA brags about working with real life soldiers to portray a realistic story, it’s not exactly down-to-earth.

The only realistic aspects found within the single player is how the team is nearly perfect. They will call out guys exactly where they appear and where they move., and will only take precise shots The levels are also pushed forwards when you complete commands yelled at you from fellow soldiers. There are certain aspects such as breaching a door and storming a room that are realistic, but the story is not. It is a Hollywood style driven story, full of action, intense mind bending moments, and excitement throughout. Which is great, because I got the game to enjoy myself, not to be bored by some story I couldn’t care less about because it’s authentic.

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Medal of HonorMEDAL OF HONOR
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: EA Los Angeles
Genre: Shooter
ESRB: Mature 17+
Release: 2010-10-12
Wished: 0
PCN Rating: 8.7