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Review - Tales From Space: About a Blob

PCN Review: About a Blob
Posted on February 3, 2011 by Shak

Each section of the game is broken up into parts, so for example in part 1 you are trying to escape the lab and reach the outside world, which takes 4 levels. Once you've completed that part, there will be a small cartoon-style cutscene, and you can then continue on to the next part of the game. Presentation of About a Blob is really unique, and uses a cartoon-like graphical interface throughout. The graphics are comparable to those used in cartoons like Fairly Odd Parents or Dexter's Laboratory, and goes with the whole concept quite well. About a Blob never takes itself too seriously, and there is a comedic air throughout the whole game. Music reminds you of the old disaster movies, and some may even compare the game to the 1958 film "The Blob."

There is also offline 2-player co-op available, which is quite fun. The second player simply has to push start on their controller before starting a level in order to join. Having 2 players on the same level makes most of the puzzles a lot simpler, and allows you to collect more items that you may have previously thought were impossible. This is mainly because you can actually jump on top of the other blob, in order to get a small boost. Although there is no online co-op, all the levels are timed and ranked online, giving gamers another aspect to compete over.

About a Blob is an extremely fun and addictive game, which seems to appeal to those who usually don't even like games. The only issue I find is that there are only 17 levels to play, and the game costs $14.99, so it's essentially just under $1 per level. There is some replay value in the co-op, speed runs and collection of your blob friends, but this game will last you, at most, a few hours. Still, I can't help but recommend the game to everyone, but the initial cost is likely to be a big barrier for most gamers, but make sure you try the demo!

Tales from Space: About a Blob will be available to everyone from February 8th in North America, and February 9th in Europe, but is available to PlayStation Plus users in North America now. For more information on the game, and the developers, visit

Quirky, unique design, but at the end of the day, still only 2D.
Music and sound effects are very good, and very in-keeping with the type of game, but there is no voice acting to speak of.
Absolutely fantastic. Fun, responsive and completely absorbing gameplay. You will never feel bored of playing!
Replay Value
Will keep you entertained for a few hours, but should have had more content for the price asked.
A great little platformer, and I would happily recommended to anyone.
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Tales From Space: About a BlobTALES FROM SPACE: ABOUT A BLOB
Publisher: DrinkBox Studios
Developer: DrinkBox Studios
Genre: Platformer
ESRB: Everyone
Release: 2011-02-08
Wished: 0
PCN Rating: 8.3