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Will You Pay AT&T For PlayStation Vita
Posted on June 14, 2011 by Dustin S.

Sony’s press conference was one of the best conferences I have attended. There were plenty of exciting announcements and they took great care of everyone attending. Then came the PlayStation Vita and everything was stepped up even further. People were cheering and clapping during every announcement, getting all the more excited. That is until Sony announced how 3G will be handled.

The amazing technology at such a great price, the brilliant looking games, two analogy sticks, everything looked and sounded great. Then the announcement of AT&T holding a exclusive deal to provide 3G for PSV. Suddenly things were quiet, some people began to boo at the idea, and Kaz stood their trying to hold his smile as it all happened. Then finally a few fans gave a life saving generous clap to get things moving again and the excitement back under way.

With the decision to have only AT&T provide the 3G, we personally decided right then and there the 250 dollar Wifi only model would be our choice. Of course the other model being the Wifi/3G model at the price point of 300 dollars. So that’s 100 dollars that Sony could have had if they offered the service through other providers such as Verizon. If more follow suit like this, the numbers will keep adding up, and you have to ask if AT&T coughed up enough money to justify it.

Another reason why the decision is odd? Well how about the fact Verizon is currently the exclusive holder of Xperia Play. The Ericson phone that will launch the PlayStation Suite platform for Android and get Sony recognized again in the mobile market. It seems odd to bump aside the company already pushing one of your products and possibly biggest gamble on the mobile market.

Personally I think it comes down to what AT&T plans to offer in terms of service and payment plans for PlayStation Vita. We obviously don’t need a fully fledged service, so the chances are we will see something cheap. But with iPhone being the pride and joy of AT&T will they care enough about Vita to even get gamers on board? What do you think about the AT&T announcement? What plans do you hope they offer that will get you on board?

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