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Dustin S.
06-05-2009, 06:30 PM
Im a DIEHARD Coyotes fan and obviously there are some issues about with finances lately, buy like this article says, it happened to all the clubs at one point especially over the past 10 years.


So just some background on the franchise

-We had a winning playoff team that sold out almost every game up until 2001. What happened in 2001? NEW MANAGMENT which is the current management that has destroyed the team. They traded away future hall of famers like tkkachuk that now carries the blues every year.

-Like the artilce says EVERY canadian team has been through this along with several others that are currently in the playoff run. I have new respect for Gary Bettman keeping the coyotes here in AZ.

As for the Blackberry owner i hate him now. Going against league rules and trying to find a loop in the system in order to move the team back to canada. Why not use that 213 million and MAKE YOUR OWN TEAM! He obviously doesnt care about anyone here in AZ therefore i dont care about his products and wont support him, as a consumer respect means alot and i wont ever own a Blackberry because of this. Im sure he makes other things, but he thrives and is known for blackberries. Everyone that goes to buy that ill suggest other phones like the iphone even though i dont like it just to make sure sales go down.

Now that im done ranting haha, any other hockey fans interested in whats going on? Dont say its a mistake to put hockey in phoenix because when the team is winning they do fine. ITs also a houshold name here for the team, everyone likes the coyotes. Why else would we build them a new stadium?

08-05-2009, 12:34 AM
Relax... just let it happen

Dustin S.
08-05-2009, 04:35 AM
Trying to but people dont realize that there are people here in AZ that put their entire lives into the Coyotes like any other sports fans and its scary yet making us mad. There was one guy from Winnipeg i was talking to that had a good idea.

This was on a comment board that we people were discussing with the news

The whole quandry....and ego trip that Jim B and Gary B are on, should really not be confused with a solid stance by the NHL for hockey in Arizona. The financial bleeding is unsustainable, for either the coyotes, any owner, the NHL, the NHLPA or the fans, as crisis management will eventually lose out and the inevitable will happen. The coyotes will cease to exist. The NHLPA and the NHL will realize (they both already know) that the failure of solid and secure ownership to bring cash to the pool at the end of the day, will force the board of govenors to side with the forces that want the coyotes gone, if not today, then tommorrow.

One might think that this puts the ball in Jim's court, right now, but it doesn't really since the "Southern Ontario " clause exists. It lets Jim have an exit to blame on the league, who has a strong constitution that supports the denial of the terms of the offer based on this clause. Gary is an ego guy, as well, that will not allow 1 guy to dictate how the league will run. So...we end up in a stalemate, that drags the coyotes fans through the muck for a couple more years and eventually, the fans lose the team anyway to some other city, as determined bby the NHL, at their price, not by Jim B.

Solution to all problems is simple. Check the egos at the door, sit down for a beer and work this out like Hockey men. Gary allows the Coyotes to be bankrupt and go to Jim for 212 million, NHL gets their money back and JIm gets his team. Jim then must pay the NHL 150 million to locate in the Southern, Ontario market, this pays off Toronto and Buffalo (100/50 split). Gary then grants an expansion team to Arizona for whatever the sox owner wants to pay, lets say, fair value 125 million, on the condition that they play in Glendale, this saves Gary's face for the negotiations he has been making with both Glendale and the Sox dude. The 125 million is split between the 27 other franchises. The Arena lease is negotiated so that the new owner can make money, while the rent simply covers the mortgage the city has, so a gain vs a potential loss for Glendale. Gary stays true to all his partners, Owners, NHLPA, Glendale, the fans and the sox guy. They call the team the Arizona Roadrunners.

Wait a second.....now we have 31 teams.....odd numbers suck and don't make great schedules....The NHL grants 1 more Expansion Franchise to Winnipeg for the same 125 Million (thanks Mark Chipman, I know I can count on your support). This money is divided among the Owners again (except Buffalo, Toronto, Hamilton and the Roadrunners).
Everyone wins, Each Owner gets 9 million, the NHLPA now has 50 more players as paying members, Arizona fans have a team that can operate under a business model that at least has a chance to make money, so in theory the new owner can make money, Jim has his prize in his market, Gary can say "he screwed"Jim outta another 150 million, the city of Glendale has a building that has a tenant and pays the mortgage, Winnipeg gets a team back, that the desperately deserve. The NHL has 2 more Canadian teams to use in negotiations for the only lucrative TV agreement and the overall health of the league just rose.
EVERYONE WINS.....Why the hell not, we all deserve to win and this is a chance that will only happen once for all the concerned parties. This is an opportunity to have this whole disaster turn out to be a perfect storm for all of us. Seems simple.

Its too good to be true so it will never happen, but if it did id be more than happy. The coyotes moving there would create a HUGE rivalry between our two teams and would make for a great atmosphere. Only change id make is Roadrunners get signed contracts with current players of the coyotes, like Doan or Jovo which are faces of the team and ICONS of AZ. I think it would be the fresh start hockey needs here in AZ. Hopefully the Coyotes stay and under the new management can win, which is just as good, but idk he has a point if they dont start winning soon its going to happen sooner or later.

15-06-2009, 12:34 AM
Well since I'm on the other side in Southern Ontario although not close enough to be able to go to a Hamilton game I have to say, I'm all for the move for one simple reason, the Coyotes were a Canadian team and yet when one tough period came around and Canadians came out in vast support the team moved no problem, now all we want to do is reverse that but Mr. Butthead Bettman can't live with or admit the fact the Coyotes are a failed experiment and is digging in his heels, I know there are some of you down in Arizona including Dustin that enjoy the team but many more did when the Coyotes moved in the first place but we weren't considered and the fact remians, you can't fill the stands in an arena in the middle of a desert where we can. As to Mr. Ballisle, you try finding a guy with more patience, he has tried twice before to buy a failing team (Pittsburgh and Nashville) and move them to a more profitable market and Bettman won't let him have an expansion team anytime soon, he got too much to worry about with failing Southern teams to bother to allow for expansion so what is he supposed to do, wait 20 years before Bettman finally gets it through his thick skull that expansion is a good thing. No, he's doing something and making the NHL sweat for once and maybe finally get something accomplished. Whether the Coyotes move or not or you consider it "breaking" league rules, it's going to get things moving in the NHL to change teams around a bit or add some new ones.

15-06-2009, 12:57 AM
but i am sure people felt the same way when Seattle lost their Basketball team it happens in sports.

on the note of moving sports teams have you seen Basketball? if not watch it, it is pretty good. in the begining it talks about how sports are going under because of all the moving of teams and stuff and people just become uninterested because they move to much. I has Trey Parker and Matt Stone in it the people behind South Park

Dustin S.
15-06-2009, 01:23 AM
Thing is, look at pittsburgh now. Stadium was full all year and had coverage all year. Why? because they are winning. They were going through a down time before and thats why they were having issues. When the coyotes win they are the same way....This year, first half of the year, they were winning and competing for a playoff spot and they stadium was doing well. The news was covering them and they were doing pretty good. They come back and they start to lose, now people dont want to pay for a losing team...

If they move the coyotes, but keep the players, and allow the Roadrunners to move im all for it. That way its our team and there is no whining of them moving from Canada.

For an update
The judge said if they do move they are tagging on an additional fee for expansion on top of the 210 million Ballsili put down, and the judge said thats fine if it happens. Glendale just jumped in and said they are in support of them staying and will restructure the plan (possibly allow parking fee's) since they just built the team a very nice stadium and want them to keep playing there. If Coyotes are so fail here, then why did we spend millions and millions to build a small town of buildings and the nicest stadium in the league for them? The other 3 leagues (NBA, NFL, MLB) are all in support of the team staying. White Sox owner said he would be happy to buy the team and keep them here, along with 3 other buyers. (Thats what we need, a REAL manager so we can WIN) NHL said they would gladly fund the team until a new owner is set in place. So things are looking good. The judge had the final hearing a couple days ago and we will be hearing the final ruling this week, hopefully.

Im also glad to hear Gretzky say he is in support of the team staying, if they dont he is cutting ties with the team and they will owe him a couple million. They are also debating where the players will go if they move. Like i said its my dream to see Doan holding the stanley cup for our team.

15-06-2009, 11:54 AM
If you had a choice between building an NHL stadium or nothing, what would most take, the NHL stadium because it should make money and attract people but as the Coyotes owner has shown the team hasn't made money in ages. Some parking fees won't change that and of course Glendale will support keeping them around, otherwise they have nothing to fill that arena and it would be a failed investment. Plus Pittsburg was a different story, that town had hockey history so people there cared more about keeping a hockey team so they managed to stay and it got them the Cup, the amount of people that care in Arizona is much smaller, just because they won and got some coverage doesn't make it a good hockey market, a real hockey market supports their team no matter what, look at the Ottawa Senators and the Toronto Maple Leafs, neither have won the cup in over 50 years and we all still come out and support them. The main thing too is if the team is considered bankrupt and can be sold, it goes to the highest bidder and no one else has offered anywhere near as much as the Blackberry guy.

Dustin S.
16-06-2009, 02:44 AM
The manager of the Coyotes had 3 failing businesses here in AZ...He has no idea how to run a business let alone a team. Like i said before the team was owned by him, they were fine. Thus they were winning...When he took over we lost All star players because he didnt want to pay, Tkachuk and Roenick were the best line ever. Plus i hate it (completely) when people say AZ has no hockey support at all. There are tons of fans here. Not winning a cup and not winning period are two differnt stories....Plus the Coyotes had a stadium of their own, they built a NEW one and it didnt need to be as nice as it was, yet they did it. Like i said it wasnt JUST a stadium, they built a CITY around the team, you dont do that if it has no support....Without the Coyotes the Cardinals wouldn;t have gotten their stadium, thats how big it is.

Doesnt matter anyways, im completely happy and glad i was fighting with them this whole time. Judge rules in favor of NHL and the coyotes stay! Woot

16-06-2009, 03:00 AM
glad to hear that you get to keep your beloved Coyotes in AZ with you.

16-06-2009, 11:23 AM
I still stand behind the point that hockey can't be successful in the desert and if it goes the way it's being predicted the Coyotes will stay one more season and then they will be up for auction, regardless of how bad you think management is the protest I saw on T.V. to keep the Coyotes is Arizona was laughable, 50-100 people showed up, when the Coyotes were going to leave Winnipeg, people came out by the thousands. Besides it's not a total victory for the NHL, the judge just ruled there wasn't enough time to go through everything required to finish the deal before the deadline that would be necessary to get the Coyotes playing in Hamilton this year, they still are a bankrupt team that needs a buyer and if Mr. Blackberry keeps his bid on the table he is still the largest bidder and the only one who would get the creditors paid off.