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Dustin S.
31-10-2009, 06:22 PM
I know a bunch of us like hockey so i thought it would be a good topic. Here is Yahoo's power rankings


My interesting aspects to it

-Penguins are 10-2, one of the losses are to my Yotes haha. Its not just that, but if you watched the game it shows we could compete.

-My Yotes are placed 9th overall, but ESPN had them high and TCN had them second?

However the guy is right, its only October. Last time the Yotes were amazing throughout the season, then all star break and it all went crashing down hill big time.

The good news however is the recent claim that the NHL will offically be buying the team and keeping them here, combined with the wins is slowly bringing back the fans. The whole court deal is still hurting them, thats why you see some empty seats right now.

However our local Fox network had a "who is the most exciting team in AZ right now" and Coyotes won by a landslide haha. Note im apart of every Coyotes group I can find and not a single one was trying to rig it. Let alone while the Coyotes gain momentum, the Cardinals are losing it (they will possibly have a blackout due to lack of sales this weekend)

Enough from me. Who are your teams? What do you think of their power ranking? And whats some other opinions you got on them?

31-10-2009, 07:57 PM
Well at #12 the Senators are definitely deserving of that spot, they haven't had an amazing year by any means although still way better than the Leafs (suckers, at #30), although I'm glad they finally got rid of Dany Heatley, ended that debate since he was the one who wanted the trade and if he was still playing here he would drag the team down. Haven't watched that much of the season though, I still trying to get to a game, but one I couldn't go to because of a mid-term exam, and the latest one for cheap tickets I never could find the table selling them whenever I had time to get to campus and the one I really want to go to (Sens vs. Leafs because it's the battle of Ontario) is going to cost me over $60 for the ticket in the nosebleeds, although that's the lower nosebleeds, upper aren't even available.

31-10-2009, 08:05 PM
too bad my team the Montreal Canadiens are at the ****ty spot of #20

Dustin S.
31-10-2009, 10:52 PM
Personally i think its kinda cool because you dont have half the playoff teams taking off right off the bat. Last year teams like San jose and Detroit bursted into first then never let down. the only team doing it this year, so far, is the Penguins and possibly Colorado but people believe they wont last long.

Other than you have extremely good teams like the Yotes and Kings that are surprising everyone that will most likely be competing throughout the year. Ive watched alot of hockey so far this season and I dont think anyone is really going to fall off this year. We do have an extra long break due to the olympics, but i dont think it will be terrible.

13-11-2009, 08:05 PM
I have barely watched any hockey this season sadly. when I feel like watching hockey, I'm too busy and when I have time, nones on or I just don't feel like it