View Full Version : Small Catch for LittleBigPlanet 2

18-05-2010, 08:48 PM
Although it's been consistently stated by Media Molecule and even stated on the Sony website after the news broke that levels from LittleBigPlanet will be compatible with LittleBigPlanet 2, Media Molecule has now further clarified (http://playstationlifestyle.net/2010/05/18/new-sackboy-wont-see-all-previous-littlebigplanet-levels/) that statement by stating that not all of the previous levels might be compatible, more specifically levels that used exploits in the previous game or certain techniques might not work with the new game.

In other words they are just covering their butts just in case some don't work but I'm sure with the previous audience in mind they will make a large effort to get almost all of the levels working, if not all, they just can't guarantee it.