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Dipchit02 21-07-2009 02:10 AM

Valve aka Gabe says im cheap

he didnt really say he was cheap but now is saying that the "fans" should pay for development of the game to get teh stuff in that they want lol yeah right

Dustin S. 21-07-2009 02:49 AM

So he is saying he wants game developers to go into the stock market instead of run through publishers? Oh wait...

Gamers as in the people that buy the game are not going to "fund" the games you make. All he is trying to say is games are too cheap to supplement the cost to make. Thats stupid to say because a good quality game will make more than enough money. A publisher will advertise for you if they see the game is worth advertising. Thus the current system works just fine.

Then again it helps to release games on PS3 as well and not screw them all over, but thats another story. I wonder if a PS3 invester said "hey i like this, bring it to PS3 here is some money" would make them actually wake up.

X_Racer1 21-07-2009 12:20 PM

Nah, Gabe is too dumb to even take that deal if it happened, I mean they had one with EA and look how that turned out, now EA probably isn't touching that one with a ten foot pole and Valve is on their own and we all know they can't manage on their own with the PlayStation 3 thanks to mister fat Microsoft fanboy. I love though how he thinks us as gamers should be funding the games when they already make a good amount of money with our current system, does chubby need more money to go down to Burger King and pig out 8 hours a day instead of 4 or does he need more so he doesn't have to get up, just pay the employees to do it for him.

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