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X_Racer1 17-08-2010 05:58 PM

My PS3 Died
Yes I know I already raised this in the more unrelated thread but in the interest of keeping that discussion on topic any further discussion about it should happen here.

Anyway for those who missed the other thread, the title says it all, my PS3 is dead as of today, August 17th, 2010 to the Flashing Red Light of Death and in a rather ironic kick in the balls today happened to also be GamesCom with Insomniac announcing both Resistance 3 and Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One and new trailers were released for several new exclusive games. Needless to say, not a fun day.

Anyway as a result, I'm in the process of selling my broken 80GB unit now as my console is well out of the Sony warranty and I don't expect Sony to be forthcoming in willing to fix my console and assuming I can sell it and save some more cash, I'll be buying a new slim console. Thanks to the new models being announced today, maybe I can get one at a good price.

Dipchit02 17-08-2010 06:05 PM

how much are you selling your PS3 for?

X_Racer1 17-08-2010 06:17 PM

I'm selling it for $125 (minimum) on my local Kijiji site (basically Cragslist for Canadians and run by eBay) and surprisingly I already had a reply, not sure if the guy was willing to offer that much though.

One thing is for sure though, I'm wiping the hard drive before anyone gets my console which I lucked out on as I own the equipment to do so (external enclosures FTW).

Dipchit02 17-08-2010 06:57 PM

is your PS3 backwards compatable? because otherwise 125 seems like a lot

X_Racer1 17-08-2010 10:25 PM

Yes it is, it was an 80GB backwards compatible MotorStorm console, that's why I'm asking that much, if it was any other model I wouldn't even try getting that much. One frustrating thing though is dealing with the replies you get, so far I had three, one guy just wanted to buy it 20 minutes after I listed the console which I refused to do since I wanted to see some more offers first, the next guy wanted me to open up my still warranty sealed console just so he could have a power supply and leave me to sell the rest and my third offer wants me to drive to a town 30 minutes outside of where I live which when you commute by public transit is impossible to do. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have some more worthwhile offers.

Shak 18-08-2010 11:57 AM

I think $125 is too cheap personally. You could get it repaired by a third party for less than that, plus that will mean that your data will be safe, and you can back it up as soon as it turns on. Because if you don't do that, you can't get your data back at all (seriously).

Dipchit02 18-08-2010 12:04 PM

125 is about what i have seen people are willing to spend for a b/c PS3 that doesnt work because i mean you can get a new one for 300 these days

X_Racer1 18-08-2010 01:01 PM

Well in a stroke of luck, after pulling the hard drive to wipe it I found it would not work in my external enclosure yet my standard 3.5 inch drive does no problem and after reinserting the hard drive into my console and telling it to play some music off the hard drive it crashed less than 1 minute later.

As a result I'm going to order a new 2.5 inch drive for the console and see if that fixes the problem which sucks for me as I will still lose everything on the hard drive although after a scare a couple of days ago with Blur I had taken steps and at least backed up all my game saves and deactivated my console. The only debate I'm having is whether to order a 320GB drive or a 500GB drive as the extra 180GB does cost $10 more plus taxes.

LewisJ999 18-08-2010 01:26 PM

I doubt you would ever fill a 320gb or a 500gb hard drive. I have a 250gb and I havnt filled that even though I have countless amounts of demos and trailers.
Seriously, I have just over 100 demos on my PS3 and around 150 HD trailers and I still have around 40gb left.

X_Racer1 18-08-2010 03:16 PM

Well I'm saying screw it to buying a 500GB drive as is offering a Western Digital 320GB drive for just $49.99 and it has free shipping, something wasn't offering along with them being $5 more expensive.

Shak 18-08-2010 08:02 PM

So is the console fine after removing the hdd? Also bear in mind that 500GB will show up as about 450GB (I think) because the PS3 seems to take 10% of the HDD for some reason. My 320GB only shows 298GB.

X_Racer1 18-08-2010 08:49 PM

Well I'm not 100% sure as the PlayStation 3 will not boot at all without a hard drive (hardware feature) installed but with the hard drive out of the unit if you try to power it on, it then does start flashing red just like when it fails with the hard drive in after I tell my console to start using the hard drive so to me it's the only explanation. Looks like though I'll be just like you as I'm buying a 320GB but I was aware of losing space, it's a problem that exists on most hard drives due to how most operating systems report capacity vs. the way hard drive manufacturers measure capacity.

It also doesn't surprise me as the original hard drive is Seagate and I'm not a fan of their drives whatsoever, if this one truly is f***** it's the second hard drive from them that has completely failed and the third one to experience issues (to this day my Seagate hard drive in my HP continues to click and park unnecessarily) meanwhile the Western Digital 20GB drive in my old IBM lasted over 10 years (and believe me I didn't buy these Seagate drives, everyone one came with each machine and if I had the funds I would replace them all with Samsung or Western Digital drives or if I was really rolling in dough, replace them all with Intel SSD's).

Dustin S. 19-08-2010 04:08 AM

My Laptop crashed just after I purchased a 500GB drive, so i was like eff it and put it in my PS3. Its like the best thing i ever did. My 60GB was full, so i had to constantly delete crap whenever i wanted something new.

Just to answer above you do keep all 500gb, i think you only lose like 3 or 4 gb at that for the install.

The best part is this drive runs alot faster as i got a higher end RPM for my laptop, so loading and installing crap is so much faster than the standard drive. Only problem is it starts to heat up slightly faster than the standard. Either way, its so awesome. Especially when all Sony does is release new HDD models instead of adding other features, then it puts all my 360 owner friends to shame.

X_Racer1 21-08-2010 09:03 PM

I'm not going to try putting in a 7,200RPM drive because although the PlayStation 3 can certainly run with drives of that speed, the increase in speed also produces more heat and especially in an older console, the last thing I want to introduce is more heat.

Plus the rated speed isn't everything, just because your hard drive can spin at 7,200RPM does not make it faster than a 5,400RPM drive because if the 5,400RPM drive has less platters/higher density, it saves time looking for data on multiple platters vs the "faster" 7,200RPM drive.

I really hope the hard drive solves the problem though because I just took advantage of a Futureshop offer where you get the official PS3 Bluetooth remote control for $24.99 and for free they throw in a 6-foot HDMI cable. I mean I have no use for an extra HDMI cable but I'm sure I can make a few bucks off it on Kijiji.

Dustin S. 21-08-2010 09:16 PM

I got a higher end 7200 RPM drive, so its all set up correctly its fast. It was for my laptop after all lol. It doesnt get too much hotter, if there is any differnce, plus i keep it cooled and a small desk fan blowing on it so its no big deal.

I dont understand buying a blutooh remote for a PS3 though. Im not saying anything bad i just dont understand it. For PS2 i did, controllers were wired and not that good, but for PS3 they are wireless and work just fine, so i dont see why a remote just for movies is justified.

X_Racer1 21-08-2010 09:31 PM

The Bluetooth remote has most of the major movie options laid out as buttons on the remote control unlike using a DualShock so you spend less time digging through the on-screen menu you're generally stuck using with a DualShock.

Is it a practical purchase for everyone, not exactly, but if I can sell the cable for $10-15 the remote only cost me in the end $10-15 and then I'm not stuck running down my controllers battery (or waiting for my controller to turn back on because of using power save mode) when I want to watch a movie, play music or watch video. I would definitely never suggest paying full price for the thing though, it's not worth that much.

Dustin S. 21-08-2010 09:40 PM

I dont know how much you will get for HDMI these days. Amazon started selling their own brand of them for like 5 bucks now. I got mine for 2.50 and free shipping via prime.

X_Racer1 21-08-2010 09:51 PM

Doesn't work like that up here, dirt cheap cable in Canada comes at a price, I mean yes and offer HDMI cables for like $3-4 but that doesn't include shipping costs (as Amazon Prime doesn't exist on and in Ontario, 13% HST. Basically any cable once you get through everything is no cheaper than $10 once you include the extra fees.

EDIT: Just as an update, my hard drive will be ordered as of tomorrow (Tuesday, August 24th) and I should have it by Friday. Now it's a question of can I remember the passwords to the PSN accounts that were on the console besides my main account.

X_Racer1 26-08-2010 01:37 PM

Had a major setback, my new drive showed up from DOA (dead on arrival), thankfully Amazon authorized a return since it was the last one they had in stock. As such I gave in and went to my college computer store and ordered the exact same drive as I did from Amazon, it will cost me $7 more than Amazon did but unlike Newegg has no shipping charges so it still works out cheaper than buying from

EDIT: The drive from the College computer store was also DOA, so they have ordered me another one but damn I've been having bad luck lately with hard drives.

X_Racer1 04-09-2010 11:33 AM

Of all the threads you could post this scummy information, you had to choose the thread about my PlayStation 3. Absolutely disgusting and disgraceful as this is the sort of device I absolutely despise.

Also it's not just my opinion, your post is a violation of Rules 1 and 15 of the forums. Now go away and move under a rock until you're ready to make more appropriate contributions to the forums.

EDIT: Since the post this was about is now gone, I'll just say I'm still waiting for my new hard drive to come in. Needless to say though, I won't be playing my PS3 again before school starts.

Further EDIT: Well that new Western Digital drive came in, and it actually worked unlike my last 2, only problem was it lasted 5 minutes before kicking the bucket (it never even made it into my PS3 while working). So I've given up, returned that drive and I'm waiting till I can find a better drive to use, at this point I'm looking into Samsung or Hitachi.

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