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X_Racer1 18-05-2010 09:39 PM

New PlayStation Contest
Now if you're wondering why this is Design Center material it's because the new contest posted by Sony via the PlayStation Blog is an art contest, more specifically, you are tasked with creating a piece of art whether digitally or physical (and you provide a photo) that to quote the contest:

"Now, for this second contest, we want to see how Flower impacted you. Create a piece of art that was either inspired by Flower, or has to do with the emotions and/or nature that you think Flower depicts."

Knowing the talent of several members here and that several members also have played Flower I figured it was worth bringing up and posting here, plus if anyone enters, feel free to post your submissions here for forum members to view/offer any suggestions or advice as to submit to the contest you e-mail your work to them.

Tough luck though if you live outside the U.S though, only U.S citizens can enter (the comments for the Blog Post itself well reflect this because out of the first 5 comments, 4 were from Canadians who can't enter and we live on the same d*** continent and the US PlayStation website is pretty much where Canadian PlayStation traffic goes (the Canadian site offers next to nothing in terms of contests, events or content)) but I'm starting to rant there off-topic.

Anyway to cap things off there is also a financial incentive with the 5 chosen pieces of work winning their composers each a $20 PlayStation Network Card.

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