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X_Racer1 09-07-2010 05:10 PM

Post Your Internet Speed/Provider
Somewhat in the spirit of the thread on what cellphone provider you have (although this one is more relevant to gaming), the idea in this thread is to post your ISP and run a speed test on your Internet connection at or whatever website you want and post your results. Then forum members can compare results, brag about their amazing connection, have a few laughs at what other people can get or use this thread as an opportunity to mope/complain about their ISP.

Oh and just to start things off, here's what I can get out of my Rogers Cable connection. That speed is consistent and the connection is reliable thanks to it being a cable connection. The sad thing is that speed is not very useful as I have a freaking 60GB cap of combined download and upload usage (so you Americans with your Comcast 250GB caps can laugh at something). Oh and that costs me over $50 a month with the new Ontario HST included (thank you Robbers).

Although sooner than later things will be getting better for me because one of the best Canadian ISP's, TekSavvy is know deploying Cable Internet service running off Rogers or Videotron's networks. The advantage is, if you live in a Rogers serviced area and TekSavvy has their equipment up in your area they offer a plan with the same speeds as Rogers but with significantly more data usage (200GB and it's $10 less a month) and unlike Rogers they are also offering a unlimited plan as well. Only reason why I'm not on them, they haven't deployed to Ottawa yet (supposedly coming in the next few months) and I'm not currently paying for my Internet (free 3 moth promotion as a bonus for buying my modem).

Dustin S. 09-07-2010 06:18 PM

I got 12MBPS connection, its steadly above it when tested. Got cable, Cox, internet with absolutely no cap on it at all. If there was a cap, id end their service and go elsewhere.

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