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bharat4ever 08-10-2009 12:14 AM

Wat's the deal with remote play?
I want to buy a Sony Ericsson Aino which has remote play capabilites with the PS3. Since i do not have a PSP, i really don't know what this exactly means? Can someone please enlighten me?

Riarwe 08-10-2009 08:23 AM

With a PSP you can connect to the ps3 through a network a.k.a. remote play and watch videos, play music and start ps1 games (that you have on the ps3 harddrive) on the psp and "stream" it from the ps3. (You get the normal ps3 xmb up on the psp).
I only do this with my own router when i`m in a different room though but I think it works at places that got free wireless connection also, for example maybe at libraries and such.

I guess it`s the same thing with the Aino but you can stream music and videos from your ps3 instead if you have a internet connection.

I can`t say to 100% that it is the same but my guess would be so, and that`s how it works on the psp. If i`m wrong I hope someone will you the real facts xD

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