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SaintAvi 28-01-2011 01:05 AM

Hotz Must Surrender PC's
The court has granted Sony the temporary restraining order they had requested


Originally Posted by ign
A California court has granted Sony's Motion for a Temporary Restraining Order and Order of Impoundment against George Hotz, the renowned hacker that helped breach the PlayStation 3's security earlier this month.

Hotz, and all parties involved, are now restrained from distributing, providing, or otherwise trafficking in any PS3 security circumvention technology, including: products, services, methods, codes, and software tools, among others. Hotz must also remove any links from his website that directs others to the hacking software.

"Having considered all the papers and arguments, the Court finds that SCEA has shown a likelihood of success on the merits of its claims for violation of the DMCA and CFAA, and that it will suffer irreparable harm unless Defendant Hotz's violations are enjoined," the filing states.

The court also ordered that Hotz must preserve and not destroy computer files, documents, and hard drives containing hacking software. He also must turn over any computers, hard drives, CDs and other storage devices that contain circumvention software in the next 10 business days.

"Obviously, we are disappointed with the ruling granting the TRO," Hotz's attorney, Stewart Kellar, said in a statement given to IGN. "However, this preliminary determination does not end the issue of whether the Court has personal jurisdiction over Mr. Hotz.

"We are continuing to pursue all avenues of defense at this early stage of the litigation."

A hearing date has not been set but all parties must meet before Feb. 1, 2011.

Dustin S. 28-01-2011 02:31 AM

Good, victory number one for the good guys. Step two busting all the people backing everything up and re posting everything this very second.

Too bad they couldnt get this ruling before the Firmware came out....

glen421 28-01-2011 12:26 PM

Sounds like Sony has this in their corner now, but will have to wait and see what GeoHotz's defense team come up with on the appeal.

Also, I'm a little interested in firmware 3.56 as it seems it's more than just a "minor security patch". Sounds like it was a bait schem. Hackers have such big ego's...Reports across the net say that it is having some results in stopping the hacks and COD forums are reporting banned consoles. Anybody heard anything else?

Dustin S. 28-01-2011 02:01 PM

Yeah the firmware had tracking in it to see if anyone is messing with the new file. Sony also listed the right to ban people if said file is altered. So all those "we already cracked it and got onlne" folks will be banned from PSN period soon.

COD BO already saw a massive wave of bans. Turns out all these people "were letting their friend play" haha

glen421 28-01-2011 02:10 PM

The ole "letting my friend play"...It's all fun in games/hacks until----BOOM---GAME OVER...Your banned... and Sony says: "Thank you for playing..."

Stupid question: Do they teach ethics in school anymore?

I was wondering why newly PS3 lover Valve had no concerns for the hacks... Sony must've reassured all devs they were working on something to combat the hacks...

Dustin S. 28-01-2011 02:19 PM

Because Valve is still kissing arse trying to regain Sony's trust and the fans love. Something i still won't give to them.

Also if it comes down to it Sony will implement Disc based encryptions and more security measures on a disc. The firmware will also be required on the disc. I'm sure Sony has plenty of things to do to combat everything, banning them is just the easy route that needs to be taken until others are implemented.

Have to remember 360 had this big of an issue before, and still has hacking issues. Same with Wii.

m0tl3sl4y3r 28-01-2011 06:14 PM


Originally Posted by glen421 (Post 61455)

Stupid question: Do they teach ethics in school anymore?

to answer your question, I'm not sure about most schools but my school makes most people take classes on ethics.
while I don't have to take anything on just ethics, I do have to hear a lot about it in other classes

this guys got what he deserved though
I hope Sony does this to everyone else who hacks the PS3

SaintAvi 29-01-2011 12:33 AM

Firmware 3.56 is actually probably internally considered an embarrassment by Sony,
it was compromised by having its keys hacked in mere HOURS :\

Treyarch did however drop the banhammer on a crap ton of black ops hackers, their
forums are loaded with lots of crying and baaaaawing

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