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X_Racer1 12-09-2010 03:49 PM

A Bit of Bad News for PS+ Owners
If you shelled out for PS+ with the thought you will be getting access to exclusive betas, then some news might be a little annoying to you.

Basically although you'll have a chance at beta's Sony is not making guarantees every PS+ user will receive a beta invite to games, so if you fail to make the selection criteria for a game you really wanted and that's what you bought Plus for, you're essentially boned.

I mean overall I've yet to see Sony offer one good solid reason for me to purchase PS+ since the discounts and free games are either on things I don't want or already own and the beta access has been non-existent so far.

Dustin S. 12-09-2010 04:37 PM

Considering almost every game on the store is an arcade puzzle or some side scrolling shooter, there isnt anything of interest for me. The few games that went outside the box and did something creative, i already own.

How many top view zombie shooting games are there? And they all do exactly the same thing. You change the genre, and you have almost the entire store described right there.

Like I said in my article, when Sony finally figures it out, it will be too late to keep all the early adopters paying.

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