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X_Racer1 16-01-2010 07:20 PM

Create Your Own PlayStation 3 Game Cover
Regular forum members might have remembered the original thread started by SaintAvi but I figured it was a good a time as any with new forum members around, the addition of the Design Center, the new PlayStation 3 box art design around and so many games coming out to bring the idea back. For those that are new to it, the original thread and idea was to use a kit on the Internet to create your own custom boxart for PlayStation 3 games and we had some good submissions, I'll post a few below so you get an idea.

Now if you've got the original cover kit kicking around on your computer by all means use it as the original cover design is still nice and we could maybe create alternate covers for games that have started using the new scheme but I've also put together a new .psd kit using the new PS3 box design.

If anyone wants to give it a shot, post your results here and if you feel like it, try using both kits, maybe we can turn this into the next Design Center contest.
By forum member Dipchit02
By forum member SaintAvi
By forum member X_Racer1

tanu 18-03-2010 03:37 AM

ok...this i found next time i will post my results as i let my friends know about it as they like it too.

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