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NinjaSimon 12-10-2008 12:54 PM

Problem with ps2 - controllers
Having a slight, but rediculously annoying problems with my ps2 right now, whenever I'm playing a game, buttons seem to press themselves, randomly and with no pattern as to which buttons, stuff will happen in the game, as if controlled by me, but I might not even be touching the controller. I've opened up the ps2 to replace the broken laser in another and the one I put the laser in has the same problem. Anyone seen or heard of anything like this before? Sony's website is pretty unhelpful. Any idea of how to fix this, or how to find out would be appreciated. (I know I can always play games on the ps3, but I wanted to give my old ps2 to my cousin so they could get into gaming).

svalbard 19-10-2008 06:49 PM

Have you opened the controller (or the controller cable) to see if one of the wires has come loose? I had a similar problem with my Xbox (original) controller, and it turns out a wire had come loose. I fixed it, and it works great.

NinjaSimon 19-10-2008 10:48 PM

I found the problem, t'was the tv, I know it sounds weird but my dad picked up a really cheap second hand widescreen, with a weird buzzing noise, once I tried the ps2 on a different tv, problem went away.

Dipchit02 04-06-2009 07:54 PM

there is no way that it is the TV. how can the tv control your PS2 controller? or the actions of your guy?

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