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gollyross12 20-04-2010 10:40 AM

What XBOX 360 Games Should I Get?
I'm Getting an XBOX 360 next week with two games, and I was wondering which is better NBA Live 07 or NBA 2K7? And what do you suggest my second game to be?

X_Racer1 20-04-2010 01:26 PM

Neither, honestly buying sports game 3 years after they were released is pointless as the online mode is either deactivated or dead, the rosters are outdated and new features are out (it's why the games are dirt cheap, no one wants them). NBA Live 10 and NBA 2K10 are both available for reasonable prices now because in the summer the games for 2011 will be coming out but the online for both games should continue for at a couple of months after 2011 games release.

As for the second game, what is it your interested in, if your only getting one game for awhile then you want to be sure it's something you get something out of. In terms of FPS games, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 are both fine choices. In sandbox games, Grand Theft Auto IV is a good choice and it has decent multi-player as well and for racing Burnout Paradise or Forza Motorsport 3 (Forza being much more realistic where Burnout is about over the top racing, crashing, road rage, etc.).

m0tl3sl4y3r 20-04-2010 02:45 PM

I have to second what x_racer says, don't get NBA 2k7 or NBA Live 07, they'll be no as good as newer ones, trusts me it sucks playing the outdated sports games knowing there's better ones.
GTA4 is pretty good for a second game. I like Burnout Paradise, its pretty fun for a while

fatlifeforlife 21-04-2010 02:21 AM

fable 2. i got my xbox 3 weeks ago and cant put this game down

Shak 21-04-2010 05:21 AM

These are the games that are really worth getting on 360 imo

Gears of War, Gears of War 2, Lost Odyssey, and Fallout 3 if you don't already have it.

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