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Dustin S. 23-08-2009 06:39 PM

Welcome to the Design Center!
If you have been posting with our active members, you begin to realize alot of the guys here are very creative people. Anything from making sigs for another user or just showing off cover art they made. It was all really creative and really neat.

With that in mind I requested a Design Center from Mike and here you go. A place to post anything creative you want. Be it storylines for your video game adaptation or movie, or cover art, sigs, maybe even a fan made trailer! We all want to see it and you want to show off (dont lie) so dont hesitate!

As for rules
-Be creative! Have fun doing whatever your doing
-Dont "flame" other people. If you have criticism of something make sure its constructive and the person is accepting to it. Otherwise be nice!
-If your posting someone elses work from another site, be sure to state so. Dont take credit for something that isn't yours.

Thats all for now, so enjoy! Ill be working on some things of my own that ill be posting here too!

X_Racer1 23-08-2009 07:29 PM

Well that's good, now we don't have to keep using other threads for this kind of thing, it will just be in one place although I would suggest we move the Custom Box Art Thread over here as it fits in well. Also I know I moved everything over but I didn't want it in the wrong thread.

lloyd 23-08-2009 08:19 PM

Can we post art we've made? Like drawings and paintings?

Dustin S. 23-08-2009 10:18 PM

Yeah you can post absolutely anything. Drawings, paintings, Songs (Tony here is a song person), trailers, films anything!

BTW you can start your own topics. Feel free to start another boxart topic in the Design center instead of using this topic. This topic is just to introduce people to the section.

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