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X_Racer1 13-09-2009 06:23 PM

Here's a Solution to your RROD XBOX 360
Have fun destroying it (if it's out of warranty) and then sell it in eBay, at least that's what one British XBOX owner is doing. Apparently he tried to fix the RROD himself and it went a little wrong. Now he has sold his "faulty XBOX 360" with the bidding ending at ?24.00 or at current exchange rates around $40 US. Not bad for the fun I imagine he had and the description is priceless.

"This XBOX 360 got the red ring of death, i have tried to fix it but it didn't work, obviously my skills are not good enough, sadly it does have a bit of fire damage and rage damage, but it is a vintage 2006 model complete with an authentic microsoft sticker, some parts are a bit missing like the on button, it has been modified for better ventilation with a turbo inlet on the side (see picture ), and the disk drive has been repositioned for optimal performance at 37 degrees. It does not come with any accessories, which is a shame really

Bidding starts at 1 pound kids

Please note if you buy this it is sold as faulty, in quite a faulty way , but faulty is the new fashion now days so you may become super trendy. no returns, no refunds, no job"

Oh and here's the link to the now closed auction and the Kotaku story on it.

Shak 13-09-2009 07:11 PM

Wow he actually got quite a decent amount of money for it lol.

m0tl3sl4y3r 14-09-2009 12:39 PM

thats funny, and someone actually bought it

Dustin S. 14-09-2009 03:25 PM

I hope the 40 bucks is worth the "haha my xbox exploded!!!!!!" *tosses it in the garbage* 5 minutes of fun lol.

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