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Dipchit02 04-06-2009 11:47 PM

Hello your friend Dipchit here
i am fairly new here i just joined this past week and am well on my way to getting 100 posts by the end of the week which isnt to bad if you ask me 100 posts in under 5 days i will take it. I will be honest the main reason i joined is because and i saw the contest for the RED PS3 and though OMG tha is amazing and would go perfect with my RED PS2 and RED PC so i am actively trying to win that.

about me:

I am 20 years old i am from Grand Rapids Michigan and HUGE University of Michigan fan. i have submitted a UofM theme today and hope that you guys like that. also i enjoy watching the Pats play (mainly because Tom Brady went to UofM). i like to watch comedy movies LOVE Team America and Super troopers and many more but those are my 2 of my favorites. I also enjoy fishing, hunting, playing some pick up football games and watching football, golfing and much more. I am also single for all you LADIES out there :wink:

Dustin S. 05-06-2009 01:19 AM

I like your name! The first time i saw you post i was kinda laughing inside haha, creative.

Dipchit02 05-06-2009 12:47 PM

lol yea i like it and it usually gets a few laughs but it got banned from the forums and the Playstation Forums which i thought was dumb why can i have it for my PSN account but not on their forums? ddint make sense to me.

i also like the picture in my SIG. one of my clanmates made everyone a sig like this and i just told him i wanted Popeye in it and he went ok and made that and i was like OMG that is AMAZING.

Michal 06-06-2009 05:21 PM

There was an issue with our system when you uploaded your theme, however I still awarded you the points for the themes! Thanks!

Dipchit02 06-06-2009 10:19 PM

what was the issue with my themes? and which one had the issue or w/e cuz i put like 2 or 3 up I believe by now and have a few more that i need to upload but wanted to make sure those went through before i just started uploading a bunch of them and not having them work

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