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SaintAvi 01-09-2009 12:20 AM

Firmware 3.0 is up
Hey chaps firmware 3.0 is here, bringing with it goodies like dynamic themes and
a battery indicator that does not block the clock!

Official change highlights from playstation blog are


* “What’s New” – The “Information Board” will be replaced with a “What’s New” section, which allows you to enjoy interactive PlayStation news every time you start the PS3 system. Located under the PlayStation Network icon, “What’s New” displays the latest and greatest game, video, PlayStation Network and PlayStation news and releases, as well as your recently played games, in a sleek, new animated format.
* Status Indicator – In the top right corner we’ve added an indicator bar, which displays your user icon, friend icon, the number of friends you have online and a small message icon to let you know if you have any new messages. The indicator also includes a scrolling ticker that features the latest news from PlayStation Network. In addition, when you press the PS button, the battery life indicator will no longer cover up the clock.
* Friends List – Now your PlayStation Network friends will appear in a slightly redesigned format on your Friends List. Also, messages will now be viewable from each of your friends’ respective profiles.
* PlayStation Store Shortcuts – We’ve added a handy shortcut icon to the PlayStation Store under both the Game and Video categories so you can access the latest content quickly and easily.
* Personalization – Personalize your PS3 with new dynamic custom themes and avatars. Dynamic themes as well as free and premium avatars will be available through PlayStation Store. A dynamic theme takes your screen to a whole new level as it incorporates animated objects into the background.
* Trophies – Showcasing your hard earned trophies just got better. Update 3.00 gives game developers the ability to modify how they display trophies for add-on content. Base and add-on game trophies will continue to be combined into a single list so you can see where you stand in a game as a whole. Within that list, trophies will be broken out into subcategories—base trophies and add-on trophies—that way, you can easily view the percentage of your base game trophy collection, and separately track your trophy progress in add-on packs. Look for this enhancement to be included in upcoming games.

X_Racer1 01-09-2009 12:39 AM

Well it's downloading now to my console and despite just starting I'm already burned through a good 15% of the download.

SaintAvi 01-09-2009 12:45 AM

The little jingle that played while flashing the old playstation 3 logo when booting up
games has been removed, personally didnt like it but its uncharacteristic for there not
to be one

X_Racer1 01-09-2009 12:52 AM

Well mine made a startup noise, not quite the same as the old one but it also does flash the new logo, apparently the LittleBigPlanet theme is $3 on the PlayStation Store if you want the theme shown in one of the first preview videos of Firmware 3.0. Overall only 2 things annoy me, that blasted new What's New bar and the fact it takes forever to sign into the PlayStation Network.

SaintAvi 01-09-2009 12:53 AM

I cant log onto the PSN currently, you are doing so just fine?

Dustin S. 01-09-2009 12:55 AM

Too bad Sony doesnt let you "downgrade" like PC's....

X_Racer1 01-09-2009 12:57 AM

I have yet to successfully sign into the Network, even a connection test has revealed my connection times out yet my network is working perfectly. Also even after turning off the option for the What's New bar, it's still there, extremely frustrating as I don't care about the "latest" PlayStation news, I'll get it online when I want too.

EDIT: After reading up a bit, I followed some instructions and I can sign into the PlayStation Network. Simply after performing the update and your console restarts, shut off the system, down to where it's in standby with the red light, wait 10 seconds or at least for the fan to cycle down, turn your system back on and you should connect.

EDIT: Some more observations, have yet to find a way to turn off the What's New section anywhere, the only mention simply turns it off when you start the console up, once you pick your account that option seems to have no effect, the friends list is much uglier with gray boxes behind each person's name and the entire XMB is larger, almost like a web page with the zoom feature.

Overall this firmware update has actually been the one update I wish we didn't have, the XMB renovations are terrible, the What's New section basically is an incessant reminder of very few things and has no option to be turned off and the Friends list renovations are absolutely disgusting to look at. If I had the option I would roll back in a heartbeat.

SaintAvi 01-09-2009 01:03 AM

I just let it sit at the log in screen for a while and it finally went in, I think they broke
a lot of the cohesive look to the GUI with the way they implemented the friends list and whats new features.

The font is ginormous and each buddy is in a bar that is way bigger than needed.

Dustin S. 01-09-2009 01:18 AM

Finally kicked me out of PSN and forced me to update, the new bootup screen better be just as good as the old one lol. For some reason based on what you guys really gonna hate this. Especially with my small tv in my room compared to my HDTV.

X_Racer1 01-09-2009 01:26 AM

The bootup screen is fine, just has the new logo, a slightly different startup sound and the theme behind it looks almost the same except for the addition of the animated sparkles.

I will give Sony one piece of credit, things are loading faster online with this new update, Home especially shows major improvements.

Also I believe now Firmware 3.0 is indeed mandatory, I've been seeing my friends drop offline one by one and after 10-15 minutes they are back so I'm guessing they are all going through the firmware update.

Dustin S. 01-09-2009 01:44 AM

Already done that was really fast. Overall I dont like the startup screen, basically because i preferred the old logo. However its cool they did it, just like Zune they are giving old users the new experience.

One thing im noticing is i dont like how it blurs out the background of things when you click somethings. Kinda bugs my eyes. The bigger icons are awesome, i thought it wouldnt fit my screen but i love them. The update box is a big huge, takes up that whole corner, and isnt really needed...

The only thing i dont like is how the Store is now. Its cool it previews stuff, but being it only updates once a week why is it needed? It just force you to take longer to get into the store. Let alone the little preview icons take a while to load. Then again thats just for specificly the games or videos so its fine.

I also reset the console and shut if off etc...its still taking like 10 minutes to get online when i start it up...Finally it gets online and wow, the friends list looks like crap. The bars for every friend is annoying. I hope they let us customize that in the future because i really dont like it.

Overall not too bad, not the amazing out of this world update i was expecting either.

Dipchit02 01-09-2009 01:53 AM

yeah it was kinda disappointing from all the hype that it was getting there were no real big features mainly some tweaks that helped out but not a total disaster

trediddy 01-09-2009 02:02 AM

*sigh i havent downloaded it yet but from what you guys are saying it seems like it really suck :(

Dipchit02 01-09-2009 02:26 AM

it didnt suck it just didnt live up to the hype IMO i mean there is some cool stuff and if the only Dynamic theme wasnt 3 dollars it woudl be a different story

Dustin S. 01-09-2009 02:39 AM

Im waiting for something in the dynamic themes that isnt so basic. the LBP looks cool, but its so simple and basic. Lets see Uncharted, Tomb Raider, or Resistance will do Maybe Ratchet.

Your right it didnt suck, but it sure didnt surprise me or please me that much. All it is is like i said, with the Zune MS got praise for giving old users the new interface, Sony is merely doing the same to make sure non-slim owners dont feel left behind.

SaintAvi 01-09-2009 03:48 AM

I think from a purely aesthetic stance, the update made the elegant interface look clunky
and looking like it had an identity crisis.

The XMB is smooth and elegant, the update has kinda ignored the earlier conventions

trediddy 01-09-2009 04:25 AM

yea i kinda wish the dynamic theme was free but also didnt they say new avatars i didnt see any

Riarwe 01-09-2009 09:35 AM

Hey, I dunno if this has been mentioned but the Japanese store has a free Afrika dynamic theme. There`s zebras moving around hehe. Nice to have one dynamic theme if you don`t feel like getting the LBP and for free also, can`t get better can it?

Anyway about 3.00, it`s nice to see some upgrades but as some of you have said the friends section and stuff feels a little clumsy. Unless they add some extra info to that grey frame it feels kind of unnecessary.

Shak 01-09-2009 11:00 AM

I love the new XMB, it's very streamlined, and the sparkly stuff actually looks good. Font is too big and friends list looks bad but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

Also if you don't want to stay with the new theme you can always switch back to classic whenever you want.

glen421 01-09-2009 02:47 PM

I like what I have now. I don't want that stupid new logo.

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