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auron 23-04-2007 11:42 AM

i know it was a pathetic atempt at smashing the PS3 with a sledge hammer and when someone smashed up a 360 it was completly destroyed.

MattZani 23-04-2007 11:49 AM

and the wii just shattered.


auron 23-04-2007 11:54 AM

so the PS3 is the strongest and best built then

MattZani 23-04-2007 12:01 PM

yep, and it should be!


camila23 23-04-2007 07:13 PM

wow its really strong enough to take a sledge hammer?
thats crazy

puggy 23-04-2007 07:55 PM

the person was just bet

camila23 23-04-2007 08:00 PM

maybe but still a sledge hammer thats pretty heavy

Birdy 23-04-2007 10:03 PM

The PS3 looked stronger and chunky! The other consoles looked like brittle plastics when they got hit...

puggy 23-04-2007 10:22 PM

i have not watched it..but the ps3 does look mighty strong lol.....weird saying..mighty strong

Birdy 23-04-2007 11:31 PM

you should watch the smashings. It's quite entertaining or shocking depending on how much you love the consoles.

Mr. 33 18-06-2007 11:03 PM

whyyyyy did you do that????????

aceshigh113 19-06-2007 01:11 PM

that is soo dumb, i took apart this old laptop once, just to see what was inside, it was nuts, i'm gonna try to use the screen for a good use, i just dont know what

Mr. 33 19-06-2007 01:58 PM

like what.......?

NinjaSimon 19-06-2007 07:40 PM

Another laptop? Just a plain old computer screen? a portable dvd player? a cup holder?

Anything's possible with enough time and duct tape.

aceshigh113 20-06-2007 08:29 PM

exactly, duct tape could save a life, man i use duct tape for everything, but i'm not sure what i'll use it for, i'm not good w/ all that mother board & wires & stuff, i'm gonna take it to this computer shop & ask what i could do w/ it

Mr. 33 20-06-2007 10:23 PM

good old trusty duct tape thats funny, lol

aceshigh113 20-06-2007 10:31 PM

yeah, me & my friend fixxed his bike w/ sum duct tape

m0tl3sl4y3r 03-05-2009 07:22 PM

don't destroy your PS2, there is so much better things that u can do with it.
U could
A) trade it in 4 more PS3 games
B) sell it 4 money
C) keep it and play your old games on it that u can't play on PS3
D) give it 2 some kid who otherwise could not afford 1 (there could be kids out there like that who knows), but why would u do that option

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