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X_Racer1 03-10-2009 11:32 AM

Who Wants a Sarah Palin Signed XBOX 360
As reported by GamePolitics, you can pick up a Sarah Palin signed XBOX 360 for a small $1.1 million, plus $15 for shipping. Also no returns are being taken and you must be a pre-approved buyer, no bids yet either.

m0tl3sl4y3r 03-10-2009 01:31 PM

that would be cool to buy, it's kinda expensive though.

Jordan 03-10-2009 02:39 PM

I'll have to save all my pennies to afford such a treasure.

Shak 03-10-2009 02:45 PM

Why in God's name would anyone pay $1million for this? IMO it's actually worth less than what it would normally be worth due to the fact that she signed it.

X_Racer1 03-10-2009 04:08 PM

I seriously don't know why, the amazing thing is this isn't the first time this was put up to auction, before eBay removed the item since it didn't have a good description and apparently the bidding had reached around a million, but as most people have pointed out the bidding was most likely by fake bidders so in this new auction you have to be pre-approved, hence why there's no bidding, I mean seriously, who wants to buy a 360 with her chicken scratch on it, this guy wants almost as much as the allegedly Michael Jackson signed PlayStation 1 I posted about further back.

Jordan 03-10-2009 04:36 PM

If I had the money I'd buy it.

m0tl3sl4y3r 03-10-2009 05:04 PM


Originally Posted by Jordan (Post 50344)
If I had the money I'd buy it.

me to, then I'd sell it to an XBOX 360 fanboy for more.

some 360 fanboy will probably buy this thing though

X_Racer1 07-10-2009 06:38 PM

Well after being delisted again, this guy has started another auction to try and "comply" with what the auction was removed for. Price is still at $1,100,000 and no bids have been received, what a surprise.

EDIT: Since when I posted this update, the auction ended with no bidders, no surprise, what's even more unsurprising, it's been listed again and as of this time no bidders again. Even better, we now know the system comes with absolutely no cables, warranty and he refuses to change the fact he still wants $15 for shipping.

Further EDIT: Since the last update in case any one is wondering again his auction closed with no bidders, he has once again listed the console, still at the same price and still refusing to include shipping or any other games or accessories.

X_Racer1 05-03-2010 12:13 PM

Well almost 4 months later I decided, what the h*** I would go on eBay and see if this thing finally sold, guess what, after over four months of listings, this thing is still up for sale and for the same price. That dude is one stubborn guy.

m0tl3sl4y3r 05-03-2010 12:59 PM

I don't really blame people for not wanting to buy it, its too expensive for something signed by Sarah Palin
he should just take it off the market

xEN7xASSASSINx 05-03-2010 01:27 PM

wow surely the fact its her signature should take the price down.. and then even more being an xbox :P (fanboy talk ftw? lol)

Sauberbmw 05-03-2010 03:45 PM

HAHA just because its signed by sarah palin should drop the price to 300 dollars or less. if it was signed by obama then that would be different

m0tl3sl4y3r 05-03-2010 03:47 PM

yeah I would definitely save my pennies for an XBOX signed by Obama

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