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Shak and Dustin,

I was able to repair my 80mg console using the "YLOD Fix" you mentioned. By the way the blinking red light problem and the YLOD problem are one in the same. I googled Gilsky's, and found it. I guess the technician's term is "reflow" the motherboard which is done by applying heat to certain parts. I did this and it worked for about 20 minutes which unfortunately was about 20 minutes less than I needed to get a complete backup performed. I then found another site that suggested "reflowing" the motherboard, but using flux in addition to the heat.

This has worked so far. I was able to obtain a full back up, and the boys then played with the console for the next 4 or 5 hours without a hitch.

This definitely voids any warranty, but I was able to recover my data!!!! Now that $180 can go towards buying a new system. The one draw back is that if and when the 80mg console finally dies we will lose backward compatibility.

Thanks for all your help. Is there a way to indicate that this thread/problem has been solved.
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