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As long as my AC/DC Live track pack is the same process as the other Rock Band track packs, there is indeed a code on the back of the manual that then allows you to DOWNLOAD (hence adding it to your PlayStation Store download list for re-download) a track pack with all the songs from the disc game. Problem is it's a one use code so used copies will not allow you to add the songs to Rock Band 1 or 2, a used copy will only let you play the songs on the original disc so the resale value on these is very low due to not being able to import songs after the code is used.

That being said, if you buy a track pack and redeem the code, the track pack download is tied to your PSN account for good so you can resell the games (you just won't get much for them). This also means as long as you remember your old account credentials, you will be able re-download the track packs you already redeemed for as well.

On a side note, while I don't recommend trying this because if it doesn't work, you're stuck with a useless game, if you buy a used copy of a Rock Band track pack, you can try contacting EA, state the code doesn't work and ask for a new code. I did that with my copy of Rock Band 2 and after 2 weeks of keeping after them I got a code for the 20 free songs promotion they were doing with new copies. Strictly speaking though they don't have to give it to you, so unless you can find a used copy of a track pack dirt cheap, I suggest just buying them new.
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