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Originally Posted by SaintAvi View Post
Sure the PSP hardware may see growth, but the software sector is just a bag of hurt for
dev's with the guys behind Ghost of Sparta even questioning why bother

The homebrew crowd had linux at their disposal for years, was any worthwhile
homebrew software developed in this time?
As far as I know, no. I think there may have been a decent media server app on it, but the fact that the RSX was locked out, and the processing speed was so slow, meant that nothing good could actually be done.

I'm all for homebrew, though I don't get why anyone wants to play their old SNES games on a PS3 system, even though they;ve probably done the exact same thing on every console that's ever come out since then. But we all know that hacking always leads to piracy, and with piracy, devs will go out of business, and we'll get even less games, especially in the current economic climate.
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