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PSN Network Giveaway Screwup

Well Sony certainly screwed this one up, currently Sony is teamed up with Edge to offer free DLC for Gran Turismo 5, Killzone 3 and Infamous 2 when you enter the UPC code from certain Edge products into their giveaway website.

Sounds easy enough right, well somebody screwed up in the programming department and the website will 1. Take any made up details, you can literally say you live at 123 Anywhere Lane, in city NO, in Arizona with a postal code of 12345 and it will accept it, 2. the UPC code system is also broken, you can literally use two codes from Amazon images despite how many people are using said codes.

The ultimate kicker, the website doesn't even keep track of IP addresses so potentially you can do this over and over again, which apparently is something some people have really taken advantage of. Oh and if you intend to use this offer at all, you will need an account in Canada or the U.S to use these codes.
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