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Actually I know of a good one you might even have laying around your house, the PS2 EyeToy camera, because it has a USB connection and is essentially a webcam, all you need are some drivers for it and you're good to go. The EyeToy camera actually was my computer's webcam until I got a laptop with one built in but then it still was useful because I could use it as a webcam/mic on my PlayStation 3. The only problem you might have is finding one, Amazon has one through a third party seller that's $34.99 but if you hit up your local EB Games they might have one and they are dirt cheap if you can find one there used separately, if not I'm pretty sure you can buy one with an EyeToy game in game stores for pretty cheap nowadays, probably less than $30, I mean I have three of them at home because they always came bundled with EyeToy games and I have 4 of the games. I mean it's not going to be some HD picture your getting from it, but it's reliable and gives a decent framerate, basically what you'll get from any cheap webcam that actually does it's job well, but so many don't.

Oh just thought of another one, I know it's also technically video game related but this one is a steal, back when I was home for the holidays my sister got an XBOX 360, long story short, I lost my battle with her on avoiding the failure rate but anyway while back home I was in a Futureshop and happened to notice you can get an XBOX Live Vision Camera for $19.99 if you buy it in the package with the game You're In The Movies, the camera by itself retails for $49.99. Even better, Microsoft actually fully supports using the XBOX Live Vision Camera on your computer and provides the drivers on Windows Update for Windows operating systems. Can't tell you how good the image quality is but for $19.99 it's a d*** good deal for a webcam and you could sell the game well to earn a few bucks if that's not good enough. Even better if my memory serves me well, you are going to UOIT which means you live in the area of Oshawa and Whitby, well both the Whitby and Oshawa Futureshop locations have the bundles in stock and it's in stock online.
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