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The PS3 defects are not common. People never really go to the internet to say "MY PS3 WORKS GREAT" they just go to complain about a problem and how to fix it.

I own both the original 60GB and I got my parents to buy themselves an 80 from about 2 months ago as well. Both are working completely fine. If you actally take care of the console, dont slam it around, dont continue to unplug it al the time, dont heat it up on purpose, yatta yatta its a durable console.

However it is technology and some things just happen to break for no reason due to a random default. However PS3 is not know for it as they didnt purpusly send it off the assembly line defective to get it out a year early. So if it does break your covered for a year for free, just send it in. If it breaks after that you just spend like 100 bucks to get it fixed, unless you bought a warrenty through the story. Honestly though dont worry, my launch console (the very first one in the store) still works to this day and i use it every day for hours.
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