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Can You Guys Help Me Out

I dont know if a lot of you know, but I'm trying to become a writer for films along with writing for the website. I'm currently going to school for it.

Well something big happened to open up with the new Amazon studios and I entered a screenplay to the site. You can see it here

Basically I just want to know if you guys will help me with getting it popular. If you can, please download it and give it positive reviews. If you have any useful criticism I'll be willing to listen to it here or wherever.

Also if you can post it wherever else you visit and try to get others to look at it too. If something good happens with this, ill do what I can to return the favor. Heck I get a lot of money if it gets signed, so free game of your choice for everyone that helps?

You guys are a good group of guys so I thought I'd just ask for a helping hand! Thanks in advance!
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