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Anybody Good at Drawing

Anybody good with the pencil that dont mind helping out others? lol

Well Im getting back into it and I still cant draw people worth a damn. If im staring at a picture of someone, or looking at something I can draw it perfectly. Almost to the point of it looking like a tracing. That just doesnt feel right to me though.

So I go and try to draw my comic on my own. (note i have actual artists working on it, i just wanted to try something to show them an idea) However i fail miserbly. Obviously its entirely original so i have nothing to look at to base it on, no picture of batman or something to stare at and copy.

I do the whole stick figure, then circles and squares, then fill it in, then do the details and I cant do it properly. Its mainly the face...Given enough time ill get the muscles and other parts of the body done correctly to an extent, then the face looks like crap.

Another issue I have is proportions. I dont know how to get differnt views, how to make arms bigger smaller etc...I dont know how to give things depth correctly. Note I saw Stan Lee and Steve Ditko do the whole "draw lines of depth and field of vision" then you follow the lines and it gives it the right depth etc...But I want to know how you just do it on a given note.

Practice practice practice...I know. Ive been drawing for months now, and i cant get faces down lol, i need help in some way.

Just say this now because Ive gotten extremely interested in the game industry again and im thinking of switching from film to game design. Note ill still be a writer for either one on any given day, but i want to learn 3d really bad. and it starts by learning this.
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