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[Update 12]
Attendee - Talking about Braid before it came out. From our perception they are superstars getting inside access like that. Are they afraid to take some things from developers or people?

PA - They are hesitent to accept to many early review builds. Mentions he is getting an early build of Force Unleashed. But they feel like they need to keep working to earn this and they don?t want it to go away.

Discussion about the naming of the theaters and Tycho planning to join some table-top gaming here.

Attendee - Do they have a new nemesis now that Jack Thompson is out of the picture?

PA - Its so tiring to have a nemesis. "We will find someone and we will hate them really good for you"

Attendee trys to get free hotel room through PA guys.

Attendee "Something about losing the game" Confuses **** out of PA guys.

There is a guy with a Fruit****er cosplay outfit in the back. Asks if PA and likes it and they say it are awesom.

Attendee dares Tycho to drink something from a bottle. Unsurprisingly PA refuses.

Question about Limited edition Cells.

PA - We have plans for more, but the game really took over our lives".

Question about how they convinced their wives to let them do this

PA - "Who is paying the rent, the internet" For a year and a half they asked for donations enough to pay for just essentials. Then Robert came along and everything worked out.

Some discussion about how the characters have evolved over time.

Quick poll about RROD on 360. How many people in the audience have a 360 and how many have had an RROD. About 50% show they have had it fail.

Attendee - How can we bring this to Microsoft?s attention?

PA - I think we already did. MS took a $1 Billion charge. We already beat that and won that.

Attendee - Why do people have a problem with Braid?s $15 price. Do you think that original indie games need more exposure or something else?

PA - The problem is MS limiting early. So people expect everything there to be $10 or less because of MS tiers.

[Update 13]
Attendee - Irony about Keynote overlapping with "Growing Roal of Women in Gaming Panel"

PA - That is really incredible... ummm.... Sorry?

Attendee - How do I find old wallpapers?

PA - Gallery coming online soon.

Question about LotR accuracy

PA - Tycho would like a Two Towers where the Ents speak in realtime.

Attendee - Which console would they be if they had to spend the rest of their lives as one

PA - Tycho would choose the 60GB PS3 with all the memory card slots because it seems like he would have a lot of fun. Game would be a Dreamcast.

And we end with a Bunny.
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