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I gave it another shot last night and I'm taking to it a little bit. A lot of the gameplay just seems really archaic and unconventional, like Dustin mentioned. I still don't like how you can't throw grenades with one button press, makes them essentially useless. Some more issues I have with the game:

-You should be able to customize your character while waiting in the queue to play.
-Should be able to customize your load out while you're waiting to spawn.
-The weapons you start off with feel super weak compared to the ones you get later, it's super discouraging. That sniper rifle should not take 4-5 shots to kill someone(this is with Raven, I dunno if the other factions are different).

The sense of progression is awesome, though. I've only gained like 5 levels, but I already feel like I'm at such an advantage compared to where I was before. But yeah, it's a super hardcore shooter, much like the original SOCOM. No doubt fans of that game will eat this right up.

It's not pulling me away from the Bad Company 2 beta, though.
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