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Alright, here's the final update, my console truly is ****ed, just got a working Seagate hard drive but my console still refuses to work. At this point I don't know what's wrong with the console, nor do I even want to attempt trying to repair it due to any possible number of things being wrong (so to any future bots or idiots, don't link to repair guides, don't suggest I repair it, it's done). So as I planned before, I'm selling the console on Kijiji for $125-150 and that money will go towards a replacement console since I don't trust a repair, even if possible (and no shop in the area does PS3 repairs except shady ones on Kijiji anyway), lasting on my console. So with that said, I will say, I won't be back on the PlayStation Network for awhile. Even after I sell my console, I can't afford a new one with what I get from the sale so it will probably be 1-3 months before I get a new console.

UPDATE: Well I decided after this to contact Consumer Services at SCEA anyway, to see if they could offer some help when you've bought every single mainstream PlayStation console ever released and countless games and accessories for their consoles. Needless to say, that just caused me further anger as I got the standard oh we sympathize, blah, blah, blah but we ain't helping you and "We value your input", which personally I think they can shove up their ***. It's standard corporate response which is not what I contacted them for and it's made me mad enough to consider not returning to the PlayStation consoles.
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