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Originally Posted by Dustin S. View Post
Personally I hate 3D, everytime i see 3d anything i take the glasses off within a half hour becuase it gives me a headache. Ive never really seen anything impressive in 3d either though.
Ya I know what you mean. It hurt my eyes a bit. In the previews there was this effect which looked like a cat was right in front of me which was amazing. Definitely impressive. Avatar used 3D more so for layering I guess you could say.
So you guys say the story is cliche and bland then? Like is this movie all about "hey look what we can do" more than anything? I mean the director did do the Titanic afterall...
Just a bit. Cliche not bland though. The story was good enough to keep interest. It was pretty good and above average for a movie. If there was no hype I'm sure it would be rare for people to say the story sucks.
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