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It really depends on your field of work and area you work in. Like here you could easily just jump right into the field out of college and get going pretty fast. Cops sit on every corner and are always getting new people. I'm sure you will advance further than step one rather fast by having the degree you have too.

The thing is if you want to jump really far ahead immediately you may want to stick with school. You will still need to start off a bit small just to learn more and get experience, but you will be guaranteed that role faster.

As for me I'm just getting different degrees. I have a Communications degree, I'm currently in film getting a screenwriting degree, and I'm trying to get into another college to get a Computer science degree next to it.

To help with what I'm trying to say. My area (AZ) is very computer heavy, and there is a TON to learn with computers. The more schooling I get the better job I'll get and the faster I'll get a job. The other two degrees don't matter at all. I could go further, but its pretty pointless unless I only have an associates. Otherwise they simply look and see "well he has a communications degree" and thats it. Film making is obviously all about talent so thats all they look at first, then they look at the 4 years of experience I already have.
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