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The problem I see with the PS3 is, along with the hefty price tag and lack of games, that it relies too hevily on third-party support. Sony's reacted to this and has begun to focus their efforts, but so far, the only really good game we've seen come out of that is Resistence. And it's not really that third party support is impossible to find, it's just Sony hasn't given them very much incentive for doing it. I mean, look at Xbox 360. Day One, it had 3 third party exclusive games in Call of Duty 2, Condemned Criminal Origins, and Quake 4. And a few months later, they would also have Dead or Alive 4 and numerous other titles. How many third party exclusives did PS3 have at launch? 2, and one of them was that horrble Gundam game. How many have they gotten since? Two, but Virtua Fighter 5 will be on 360 this summer. In the future? I've seen three Namco games, the Final Fantasy XIIIs (unofficially), and Afrika. Other than that, nothing. Sony needs to get their act together and get some third party exclusives if they want to stay in this race because we all know Sony's first-party stuff cannot carry a $600 console.
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