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lmao for a start the writer is a total 360 fanboy "best year for 360, so suck on that fanboys" or whatever he said lol, and fair play to microsoft! they have some decent titles there, but without sounding to much like a fanboy..i still think the ps3 exclusives will outshine the 360, i mean theres already over 20 listed for PS3 including like 10 major titles! and it also seems that devs are starting to take time with the ps3 instead of being lazy, so with this new AA technique(if it gets worked on abit more) and just less lazy devs overall i can see multi-platforms being better for them, and thats better than what they are not better than 360, like actually 'the same' lol

but yeah well done & goodluck to microsoft, but im still waiting for a title to make me think "DAMN WISH WE HAD THAT ON PS3"
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