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Well, I had both consoles and ultimately switched to the XBOX permantely around May of 03.

Um, yes PS2 did have all the heavy hitters (XBOX had a few exclusives as well) as mentioned above, but the XBOX out of the box had 4 controller ports, network connnection, 10gb HDD, and a very fuctioning online service (this came a little later). So hardware wise I would say XBOX was better but software wise PS2 was better. It would be fair to mention that if it was a multiplatform game it looked better on the XBOX. I remember when Splinter Cell went to the PS2 and it looked horrible and when GTA was released on XBOX it looked better.

The reason I stuck with XBOX was back in the day I was a big sports game player and XBOX just had a better online service with it's games. Granted it took EA a few years to come around and support XBOX LIVE. I think it came around in 04.

It's funny how I hardly play sports games anymore. I guess we evolve as gamers. Not that there is anything wrong with sports games. I just perfer story driven games more now.
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