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Well if your residence is anything like mine was, rez students can bring down the entire school network so if all the rez students can play online games, they drag down the entire network (hence why they block access). On the other hand if that's the case it's equally as stupid to allow it on campus but maybe they don't experience the same issues on campus and therefore don't bother.

Also they might be blocking routers because if you get enough of them running in the same area, there's only so much wireless frequency to go around and eventually you do run into slower speeds since you can't have 15 routers on the same wireless frequency without issues. Same issue (but to a much lesser degree) happens in my apartment complex (11 floors with several units per floor is a lot of routers to share frequencies).

Well that and if you got some braindead idiots hooking up routers without encryption or using WEP, any half-competent person can leech off the residence Internet with a computer without having to plug in a single wire. You wouldn't even need to go to the college to take advantage of the Internet since an unsecured or WEP secured network wouldn't need a college network account to gain Internet access.

I mean the best thing you can do if your residence allows it (and if I remember correctly, the Algonquin residence is run by the same people as at your university) is say screw it to rez and get external Internet access. My roommate went through Rogers and even though it goes over the same wiring (all that changed was he had a modem installed) he experienced no throttling, no blocks, nothing, it only cost him $30-40 a month and if you can share the access with your roommates and split the cost, it works out to even less.
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