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Originally Posted by kingofgrills View Post
I would have to through a vote in for Bioshock on PC. The storyline was incredibly strong and unique, and the world of Rapture was incredibly immersive and beautiful. Plus, leveling up plasmids and taking down Big Daddies was incredibly fun.

For PS3 specifically, I'm a bit stuck. I'm playing Uncharted, Orange Box, and Unreal Tournament 3 right now, and all are great. I haven't unwrapped COD4 yet, but I'm itching to play it. Uncharted is great, but I started playing last night and after 1 hour and 20 minutes I'm already 20% through the game? It's going to be a short one.

Without having played COD4 yet, I'd have to toss my PS3 vote out to Unreal Tournament 3. The gameplay, levels and graphics are top notch. Orange Box is a close second though, because it's loaded and Half-Life is my favorite story-driven game of all time.
keep uncharted looks can be deceiving........ oh yeah game of the year is uncharted
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