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Well since my last post I've given plenty of time to both Seagate and HP and I've got nowhere, basically after HP told me to contact Seagate and Seagate told me to use the firmware update checker which I had done before anyway they basically said to me "Since your hard drive is OEM installed, HP has to deal with it/supply the firmware". Of course tech support at HP has nothing to say so I requested a escalation to a higher department which they won't give me unless I supply them a phone number which I can't for two reasons, the college phone system is way too complicated for HP to make through just to contact me and the other is my cell phone number (which is my main phone line, anyone who needs to contact me knows call/text the cell) is not something I want to give to HP, I've read too many times of people who later regret giving out personal phone numbers to companies. So until I get home, I get no further ahead.
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