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What Happened to Good Technical Support

I starting this one because today I had a bit of a laugh after contacting HP for some assistance in solving a problem I've had for awhile with my newer laptop and if anyone reading this has gone through something similar, post it below, maybe we can all have a laugh. Anyway, the hard drive is my laptop produces a clicking sound every once and awhile and don't post saying your hard drive could be dying, I've already run all the HDD tests and done the research, it's a common problem with the line of hard drive in my machine and it's fixed through a simple firmware update, HP simply hasn't provided one yet for their consumers as so far it seems it's up to the manufacturer of the laptop to release the firmware, Seagate refuses to offer the firmware on their own website or acknowledge the problem.

Now of course I didn't feel like calling into the support line so I went with the e-mail system and despite today being a weekend I actually got a response, of course the e-mail support is not run from North America, their English skills proved that and then soon after I got another response, only it wasn't mine, apparently they aren't too worried about customer's privacy because shortly after a response to my problem I was sent an e-mail that's was destined for another customer whose name I won't reveal who lives in the U.S. After getting that I just about belted out laughing, of course I did forward the e-mail back to HP so they can send it to the right place hopefully.

Anyway after all that my response was the typical install the latest drivers although they did provide me with direct links to the drivers my machine uses, too bad I was thinking about 15 steps ahead of them and already had done the Internet research and installed the latest drivers and BIOS update.

Well as I said before, feel free to post your experiences with Technical/Customer Support from any company, maybe we can make someone's day here.
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