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Well as an update I never did get a reply back about their mistake sending me the wrong e-mail and my latest response while addressing my computer is written to the name of the person whose e-mail I received by mistake, anyway of course they are telling me to do things I already tried and I told them I did that and the latest thing they want me to try is A. stupid and B. I don't have the tools to do so (they want me to remove the battery, open my machine up, take the hard drive out and put it back in to "reset" it), well that and open a case with Seagate, which I did do, although I have a feeling they are just going to send me straight back to HP.

Although it's so far not as bad as my Blackberry, through my own stupidity I forgot my username and password for the Blackberry Internet Service which is required to setup e-mail on your Blackberry and update your e-mail accounts as some providers require you to re-input your password every so often, which is done through BIS. Well to get it recovered or reset you have to call your service provider, let's just say even with Canadian tech support from Bell from the start (the only reason why I got support in Canada is because the number I called also supports business customers), the guy on that end didn't understand what I wanted and finally transferred me, well 40 minutes later I was still waiting on the transfer and since I needed to go somewhere, I gave up.
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