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Okay again, double post but I really had a facepalm moment today and I wanted to give people here a laugh maybe, I have been able to provide HP a phone number recently to contact me, which is great then after that I get an e-mail asking me to provide a serial number, great thing is I provided that 6 e-mails ago and every time I contact them I reply to the message so all they had to do was scroll down and it was right there, all I did was copy and paste that particular response.

Then after that I got another e-mail saying they would contact me but in the same e-mail there brilliant support agents in Asia managed to refer to me by two different names and this is after I've corrected them of this fact several times, long story short, if you're going to buy HP, Dell or some other computer, extended warranties are great since the store deals with these idiots and you can usually get them cheaper than what they say, when I got my latest machine, I simply mentioned to the salesperson I could buy a warranty direct from HP for less than half of what they wanted and I had it for almost the same amount.
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