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Originally Posted by Sauberbmw View Post
thank god i live in canada lol i have ever only delt with canadian people for support except i did get this two idiots which was funny, heres the story.

I bought an amd laptop 1 year ago and about 8 months back the harddrive failed. now when the harddrive fails, there is absolutley no way of revivng it. period. so i call hp and i get this woman. i tell her my name, the laptop serial and everything, so when she asks me whats wrong, i tell her that my harddrive failed and i need a new one. she starts telling me to go through these steps and to acces the bios and all this. so i finally told her i want to talk to someone because obviously she had no idea about computers. second person comes on and asks me whats wrong, told them the same thing, its a hard drive failure. then they told me to go into the bios. me frustrated, i told them right away to shutup and let me talk to thier supervisor cause i cant deal with idiots anymore. fianlly hey patch me through to the supervisor, told him that it was a hard drive failure, and you know what he said... i need to send it in because there is nothing i can do to fix it!!!! NO ****!!!! morale of the story, if u get an idiot for customer support, ask to talk to the supervisor
Lol, I know what you mean. Whenever you get someone like the first 2 people, just say that you already did whatever they just told you. Moves things along a lot quicker.
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