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The New PS3 Has Landed

As I indicated earlier in the Black Friday deals thread, I said was going to pick up a new PS3 assuming a decent value bundle came along. Well I forgot when I wrote my comments about my distaste for Sony's choices of what went into the bundle that I had an opportunity to get the 160GB bundle console for 20% off the normal $299 price that was good till the end of today.

Needless to say after remembering this, I ran out and picked up the 160GB Slim PlayStation 3 with NHL 11 and inFamous included for just $270 with all applicable taxes.

Needless to say, well worth it as I ended up getting this console for as good a deal as the one posted by SaintAvi yesterday and got two free games thrown in for free, both of which I plan to sell and use the money from their sales to buy something like Red Dead Redemption.
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