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Originally Posted by Shak View Post
Congrats dude, if you haven't played inFAMOUS before though, give it a shot though.
No problem there, I already owned a copy of inFamous (got it the first day it came out) and have finished the game twice.

Originally Posted by Dustin S. View Post
Lucky! I decided to go buy one, only to find out all the bundles were sold out....

I asked Gamestop and the guy that knows me is like "oh dude we sold out of those within an hour, people were lining up" and laughed. Wasn't expecting it to be that big of a deal.
Wasn't an issue where I went, they had at least 2 more of the bundle I bought, 2-3 of the normal 160GB and 4-5 of the 320GB Move bundle. The only console that was sold out was the old 250GB model as the store I bought my console from was selling the 250GB for $250 to get rid of the stock. And I didn't even go first thing in the morning, I went around 1pm. Of course having 8-10 of these stores across the Ottawa area helps too.

Originally Posted by SaintAvi View Post
Awesome, RDR is a good buy, check out Bad Company 2 and the new Need for speed,
both are heavily discounted stateside.
Need for Speed is on the list, played the demo on 360 and it has more than enough to get me hooked and Battlefield Bad Company 2 will probably be a purchase as well as I've seen it for around $30 here in Canada (Need for Speed though only seems to be selling for the extortionate price of $69.99 up here).

Oh, and the great thing I realized after, since I still haven't sold the old broken console yet, the new console purchase means I have 5 working PS3 controllers and a 6th if I bother repairing it.
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