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the second part of the question was, from, what i can remember, on the back of the instructions books, but it could of been guitar hero as i had lots of them too, there was a code, which when typed into the main game imported the songs. the more i think about it the more i think it might of actually been the GH series that did this.
so if i bought RB2 and setup my new PS3 with my old PSN ID i can download all the DLC i had previously paid for and use them in the game. likewise if i go out and buy RB:GreenDay & RB:Lego the songs will be able to get imported into RB2 FREE and i can sell the other games on?
also, i had purchased the import key on my old PS3 and imported RB1 tracks into RB2, so if i purchased a copy of RB1 likewise if my account is the same as it was on the original PS3 the import should still be free?

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